Commenting Guidelines | Post 4

Hi guys,

When referring to the comments I’m referring to the stuff in the link below:

Commenting activity

The activity is to choose which comments were most and least helpful and say why.

This is from least helpful to most helpful:

  1. I think number 1 was least helpful because it is in slang and the grammar and spelling are incorrect and, the things they said in the comment don’t mean anything useful.
  2. I think number 6Β  was second least useful because it isn’t important and the grammar and spelling is very bad.
  3. I think number 7 is the third least useful because it doesn’t include any meaningful feedback.
  4. I think number 4 is the fourth least useful because it has grammar and spelling errors and the information isn’t that important.
  5. I think number 8 is the fourth most helpful because even though it is helpful it asks a lot of questions and doesn’t include much information.
  6. I think number 3 is the third most helpful because even though it is helpful it doesn’t look as helpful as the top two.

7/8. I think numbers 2 and 3 are tied for first place because they are both quite helpful and informative.



Country of focus | Indonesia | Post 2

Hi guys,

This post about Indonesia I am doing for my Country of Focus task. I have two links; The top one links to a movie made with iMovie and Canva the second is a presentation which the exact same presentation but not put into a movie so you can go through slides at your own pace.

Country of Focus | Indonesia | Presentation

Country of Focus | Indonesia | Video

Have a nice day!



α΄€ Κ™ ᴏ ᴜ α΄› ᴍ ᴇ | Post 1

Hi guys,

This is my first post.

My name is Saanvi I love birds, the environment, and music. I play flute and piano. My favorite subjects are Music, Art, History, and Science. My favorite colour is lavender and I used to have 2 pet Cockatiels (Coco and Candy were their names) but, they recently laid two babies (Who are now called Cookie and Cream because of their, colour). I have attached an image of what cockatiels look like soIn this blog, I hope to learn many facts about many interesting countries and post them on my blog.

Bye guys!Β  Β